Food and Farm Discussion Lab is a multi-platform space for education and exploration of food policy and politics, sustainable agriculture, and public health nutrition founded by Marc Brazeau.

The two central projects this website, providing news and analysis on these issues and our discussion community which lives on Facebook. The discussion community is a unique space where we are bridging the divides between rural and urban, farmers and foodies, red states and blue in a respectful, evidence based dialogue that never ends. The group brings an amazing amount of expertise to bear in these discussions with a membership that includes experienced farmers of all stripes, agriculture and plant breeding academics and professionals, registered dieticians, working journalists and historians, and some of the best informed eaters you will ever meet.

About Marc Brazeau:
I worked on farms growing up in Massachusetts. I worked as a political and union organizer through most of my twenties. I worked as a chef through most of my thirties. In my 40’s I’ve opened a restaurant and worked for a community food security organization on corner store issues and teaching cooking and nutrition in a low income community. With Food and Farm Discussion Lab, I’m combining my interests in economics, politics, labor, agriculture, cooking and nutrition into food writing. I consider myself an essayist, a generalist. I am most interested in how a lay person makes sense of contested issues in a complex world.