Surprising News on Lobbying Spending by Industry in Labeling Fight


It’s not how much they are spending. It’s how little.

Coca-Cola spent $4.8 million through the second quarter of this year; PepsiCo spent $2.34 million; DuPont spent $2.4 million, while Monsanto spent $1.08 million, according to the report.

Coca-Cola’s reported gross profit is $46.22 billion ($46,220 million) and CEO Muhtar Kent’s compensation last year was $20 million , so they are spent 00.01% (1/100th of 1%) of revenues and the equivalent of three months compensation for their top executive, meanwhile, Monsanto, everybody’s favorite bad guy in this battle spent less than a quarter of what Coke spent or about one month’s compensation for CEO Hugh Grant.

I’d hate to see what they would spend on fight mandatory labels if it was important to them.

P.S. Every time I look at US CEO compensation, all I can think of is that someday our descendants will look back on CEO compensation they way we view the Divine Right of Kings.


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