Thanksgiving Soup

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As a follow up to the last post on Thanksgiving leftovers, I thought I’d share my backstop for mopping up Thanksgiving leftovers and minimizing waste.

Step One: Make turkey stock from the carcass and vegetable scraps from preparation. Simmer for 5-6 hours and strain.

Step Two: Chop up all your leftovers into bite size pieces, stuffing included. You don’t need to chop up things like gravy and mashed potatoes.

Step Three: Put all your leftovers into the broth and bring to a boil. Let it roll for 15 minutes, this will meld everything together and kill the bacteria that started to grow while everything was left out. (I leave out the cranberries, but just about everything else works)

You now have Thanksgiving Soup.

Step Four: Put your Thanksgiving Soup in the freezer until the next time you are in the mood for Thanksgiving. Probably February.

If you want to do something that isn’t quite so ghetto and/or doesn’t still taste like Thanksgiving, Elise at Simply Recipes has some great recipes:

Turkey Chili
Turkey Tortilla Soup
Curried Turkey Soup


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