Daily Essentials – 18 August 2016

Simply Recipe's Sabrina Modelle explains: he real secret to this granola’s magic is how the diced bananas get caramelized and chewy after a long slow cook in the oven. It’s the perfect texture to contrast the crunch of oats and nuts.

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WAPO: Half of Australia’s baby formula is being “smuggled” into China.
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THOMPSON REUTERS: A local prosecutor in Brazil aims to clean up the countries land title mess and go after illegal land grabs as industrial agriculture expands into the Brazilian economy.

ENSIA: The impact of plastic in the oceans in 8 maps.

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The Science of Spotting Fake Foods

HARVEST PUBLIC MEDIA: Are oats starting to work their way back into Midwestern crop rotations? Fun and profit with oats!

Speaking of oats – Banana Bread Granola from Simply Recipes.

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#AGNerd quote of the day:

“In our oat pilot project, I have some farmers that are really excited about the soil health idea,” Carlson said, “and planting these crazy-sexy large cover-crop mixes.”

GROWING RETURNS | THE ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENSE FUND: New report finds corn and soy yields are up following the use of cover crops for the fourth year in a row.

MARION NESTLE is confused about all The New York Times confusion about food and exercise studies. She has a point.

THE NEW YORK TIMES explores the brave, new (to Americans) world of sour beers.

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