Daily Essentials | Labor Day 2016


CBS | EDWARD R. MURROW: Harvest of Shame (1960)

Happy Labor Day – Here’s a round up of recent food and farm labor reportage.

THE SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE: offers context and a short profile of an elderly farm worker as the California minimum wage bill for farm workers awaits the governor’s signature.

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THE AUSTIN AMERICAN STATESMAN looks back at the Texas farm worker march for a minimum wage in Texas 50 years ago today.

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More from the march and commemorations from THE MONITOR.

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THINK PROGRESS: Tyson fined for multiple worker safety violations at a Texas poultry processing plant.

OXFAM: Lives on the line [The human cost of cheap chicken]
OXFAM: Lives on the line
[The human cost of cheap chicken]

THE AMERICAN PROSPECT reports on the Fight for $15 convention last month in Richmond, VA. Newsflash: Fighting over society’s crumbs can get stressful.

AMERICAN PROSPECT interview with SEIU president MARY KAY HENRY on Fight for 15 and the future of sectoral union organizing.

At JACOBIN, Margaret Gray,an associate professor of political science at Adelphi University and the author of Labor and the Locavore: The Making of a Comprehensive Food Ethic, takes a closer look at the grim labor conditions immigrant farm workers face on the Hudson Valley farms that serve New York’s market for virtuous local food.

Finally NPR wonders what an America with #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner would look like.

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