Daily Essentials | 7 September 2016

Savory Do-It-Yourself Power Bars by Heidi Swanson

QUITOKEETO: Packed with toasted walnuts, crumbled kale chips, and oil-cured olives, these Savory Do-It-Yourself Power Bars by Heidi Swanson will be a revelation for those of us used to thinking of power bars only as a sweet snack.

SAHAR is a device that allows people in developing countries to sterilize milk on site using UV light rather than pasteurization. The video shows a Bedouin woman preparing goat’s milk for her family.

VOX talks with John Fleck, Director of the Water Resources Program at the University of New Mexico, about the surprising innovation and cultural shifts in the West to adapt to diminishing and volatile water supplies.

STEVE SAVAGE asks: “Do Farmers Really Drench, Douse or Slather Their Crops With Pesticides?” – TLDR: no.
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Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 9.15.59 AM

WIRED has a really excellent piece on Jerry Hayes, the head of Monsanto’s Beelogics division and his efforts to curb colony collapse disorder in honeybees.See also THE GUARDIAN: US beekeepers fear for livelihoods as anti-Zika toxin kills 2.5m bees.

Nick Cohen at THE GUARDIAN has a really thoughtful piece on the inevitability of rewilding efforts displacing sheep farming in the British Uplands. It’s really a must read for the way it unpacks the politics of climate change, agriculture, EU farm policy and the implications of Brexit. [ FAFDL discussion thread.]

Also in THE GUARDIAN, as antibiotic resistant strains of E. coli have turned up in British supermarkets pressure rises for post-Brexit regulations on antibiotic use in poultry and livestock production.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC looks at China’s bigfooting of it’s neighbors in the South China Sea over fishing rights against the backdrop of collapsing fisheries after decades of over fishing.

Tuft’s PARKE WILDE takes a look at the hunger and food insecurity numbers in the recent USDA report.

THE NEW YORK TIMES has some sound advice (and some useless advice) on how to strategize picking the fastest checkout line at the supermarket.

soil infographic
via Big Picture Agriculture


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