Recipe: Roasted Tofu


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This is a recipe I use a lot so that I have tasty chunks of tofu to toss in anything from lo mein to kung pao tofu to cold peanut noodles to a bean burrito. It works anywhere that you might use chunks of chicken (except maybe for chicken salad). It’s super easy, so calling it a ‘recipe’ is probably a stretch. A heads up: this is not a vegetarian recipe. It calls for oyster sauce, which has … wait for it … oysters as an ingredient.

[Preparation time: 1 hour or so]

• 2 lbs of extra firm tofu
• Oyster sauce
• Vegetable oil (peanut, corn, canola, etc – olive oil not recommended – also that’s a fruit oil, not a vegetable oil – though even the knitting of those semantics break down if you start pulling on the yarn.)

Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees.


2 lbs extra firm tofu
Slice the tofu blocks into 24 pieces each. That’s into 4 slices one way and the six the other (half and then thirds).


Coat with oyster sauce and a little oil. Cover and marinate overnight in the refrigerator.


Strain off liquid and lay out on a non-stick pan or hit your pan with cooking spray.


After about 35 minutes flip with a spatula.


They are done when they’re done. I start checking every ten minutes after the flip at 35.

I just store it in a plastic container in the fridge and toss some in whatever I’m whipping to together.

Tonight’s tofu in this morning’s bacon grease.

Just add Drunken Noodles!

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